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I have a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Food Science from the University of Pretoria.
I am retired from full-time employment, after spending 30 years in Gelatine
I am willing to assist anyone who could benefit from my many fields of experience in:

FOOD SCIENCE. See http://bc3501.blogspot.com.au/

GELATINE production, applications and research in particular

and Food Science, business computing, and general science as well.

Most of my professional life has been spent in

this site is largely devoted to the subject.




  New Gelatine - Consumer Information.
Gelatine Food Science.
Gelita Group. An alternative web source of basic information.
Gelatine Manufacturers - Europe.  More general information on gelatine.
Gelatin and Arthritis.
Gelatin in Calibrating Ammunition
Gelatin (hektograph) copying or duplication of text.
Some Gelatine uses  New
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Gelatine Analysis using Electrophoresis: The effect of animal age on molecular structure.
Gelatine Fluorescence and its relationship to animal age and gelatine colour.
Determination of Gelatine Colour. 
Gelatine Clarity. New
The Conditioning of Bovine hide: The effect of animal age and conditioning method.
The effect of Animal Age on the alkali process gelatine made from bovine hide.
The use of gelatine in Wine Fining.
   The use of gelatine in Dairy Products.
Determination of the Moisture Content of Gelatine.

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